Fixed Fee Services

At Valenti Corporate GC, we understand the need for new, emerging and medium-sized businesses to control expenses. And we recognize the need for those businesses to control their cash flow and avoid unexpected spikes in their expenses. To aid our clients in those efforts, we have established two unique programs: fixed fees for often used services and a monthly retainer service for ongoing needs.

We provide the following services at the fixed fees indicated:

Basic Corporation Formation*:


Includes: Certificate of Formation, Bylaws and Organizational Consent
Basic LLC Formation*:


Includes: Certificate of Formation and Company Agreement
Basic LP Formation*:


Includes: Certificate of Formation, Limited Partnership Agreement and Basic LLC Formation of the general partner
Standard Stock Option Plan:


Includes: Stock Option Plan, Form of Stock Option Grant, Form of Stock Grant, Notice of Exercise and Beneficiary Designation

*Required governmental filing fees are not included

Monthly Retainer Service


Most start-up, emerging and medium-sized businesses do not require a full-time in-house attorney. However, legal issues arise on a regular basis. The last thing that a small to medium-sized business needs to face are large swings in their cash flow caused by changes in their need for legal services from one month to the next.

At Valenti Corporate GC we have a simple solution that can help address the problem. For a monthly retainer of $995, our clients have access to our knowledge and experience for for up to five hours of answers to their routine legal questions. Non-routine matters and transactions are handled on a typical hourly billing arrangement by the same knowledgeable and experienced attorneys that advise our clients with respect to their routine matters.

We invite you to join the growing list of companies who have taken advantage of our Fixed Fee and Monthly Retainer Services.