Mariano Conde de Frankenberg

Mariano provides legal and business advice to help clients strategically achieve business objectives in the context of market forces, the regulatory environment, public perceptions and the political climate. His passions are supporting innovation, helping entrepreneurs, fostering creative links between Texas and foreign companies/governments and empowering underserved communities. His professional background includes law firm and in-house practice, expertise in the private and public sector, and considerable international experience representing companies in the real estate, insurance, IT, agro, telecom and energy sectors.

Mariano is ideally positioned to:

  • assist local and foreign entrepreneurs and investors to set up and finance business ventures in the US and internationally;
  • develop and implement effective strategies to protect intellectual property, with a focus on licensing agreements, protection of trademarks and copyrights (including website content) and software development;
  • ensure compliance for international operations (including anti-bribery and privacy);
  • negotiate and close real estate transactions (industrial, commercial, hospitality, renewable energy, residential) in Latin America, Asia and Europe as well as the US;
  • perform outreach and regulatory work with governmental entities;
  • structure cross-border projects, such as turn-key IT projects for land consulting services and the modernization of property registries and cadastres;
  • organize bids and negotiate contracts with governments and multilateral entities, including, OPIC, MCC, USAID, the World Bank and others;
  • draft and negotiate various types of contracts such as joint ventures, shareholder agreements, share transfers, distribution and agency, insurance policies, licensing, software development, reinsurance, escrow and service agreements.

As counsel for the international division of Stewart Title Guaranty Company, a title insurance and real estate transaction company listed in the NYSE, Mariano functioned as lead attorney for South America and supported business in 50+ countries worldwide.  Mariano has also worked as attorney for the law firms of Reed & Scardino LLP in Austin, TX and Ernesto Galante in Argentina.  In the public sector, he has served as assistant to the Chief of Cabinet and to the Presidential Spokesman of the Argentine Presidency.

Mariano is currently involved in the Hispanic Austin Leadership program which fosters Latino leadership in the community.  He is working on a project to educate kids and transform them into change agents for small actions that have great positive environmental impact.

Admitted       Mariano is licensed to practice law in the State of New York, the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina and his application is pending in the State of Texas.

Education     Mariano received a law degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina in 1998 and a Master of Law degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 2003.

Practice Areas    Corporate, Securities, Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate, Employment, Intellectual Property, Licensing, and Technology Transactions. He is fully English-Spanish bi-cultural, possesses working knowledge of Portuguese and has worked in Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, the Caribbean, France, Poland and Ukraine.